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We're your one-stop shop when it comes to HVAC, including ductwork, furnaces, air conditioner, gas line installation, hydronics, mini splits, pool heaters, water heaters, steam boilers, and more! Our expert technicians are passionate about the comfort of your home and business and bring the tools and expertise to tackle any job, every time. Whether you need installation, repair or maintenance, we've got you covered.

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Why is my AC running but not cooling near Cherry Hill, NJ?

If your AC is running but not cooling, there could be several possible reasons:

Dirty air filters: Clogged or dirty air filters restrict airflow, reducing cooling efficiency. Clean or replace the filters regularly.

Thermostat issues: Incorrect thermostat settings, a faulty thermostat, or a miscalibration can prevent the AC from cooling properly. Check the settings and consider recalibrating or replacing the thermostat if necessary.

Refrigerant leak: A refrigerant leak reduces the cooling capacity of the AC system. A professional technician can locate and repair the leak, then recharge the refrigerant to restore proper cooling.

Faulty compressor: A malfunctioning compressor can inhibit proper cooling. A professional inspection can determine if the compressor needs repair or replacement.

Blocked condenser unit: Debris or vegetation obstructing the outdoor condenser unit can hinder heat transfer and cooling efficiency. Clear any obstructions and ensure proper airflow.

It is advisable to contact a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose the specific issue and perform the necessary repairs.

Local Reviews
for Cherry Hill, NJ

Daniel k.

Daniel k.

Installed an air conditioning system at a residential home. The customer's current system was original to the home and it was time for a replacement. The old system was removed before the new updated unit was carefully installed. Upon completion, the unit was tested for proper performance. The new system is running optimally for the home.

Near Midway Dr, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Daniel k.

Daniel k.

Went out to repair an air conditioning unit for a residential client. The system was not working to cool the home properly. I inspected the system and found that there were blown fuses in the unit. I was able to replace the fuses to resolve the issue. I also cleaned the coils and the condensate drain. The system is now cooling the home as it should.

Near Jamaica Dr, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Daniel k.

Daniel k.

Went out to a scheduled air conditioning installation for a commerical customer. The business' current system was making noises and they knew it was time for a replacement. We carefully removed the old unit and disposed of it before installing the new one. The system was then tested to ensure quality performance for the business. The customer was pleased with the service.

Near Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Daniel k.

Daniel k.

Arrived at a residental home to repair a customer's air conditioning system. I inspected the unit and found that there was a refrigerant leak at the suction solder point to the common port. The leak was repaired quickly and the refrigerant was then recharged. I tested the system to ensure there were no other leaks or issues, before departing. The system is now operating as it should for the homeowner.

Near Pine Valley Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Daniel k.

Daniel k.

AC Repair to perform replacement of the board and transformer. Upon inspection, found a low-voltage line popping the fuse. Disconnected the cooling contacts and informed the customer of warranty information.

Near E Ormond Ave, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Daniel k.

Daniel k.

Residential customer called about service for a broken water heater. They noticed that the unit was not heating water properly and was experiencing cold or lukewarm showers even when the water had not been running long. Troubleshot, diagnosed and repaired issue.

Near Sawmill Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
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